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It's an 'O' not a 'U', dumb bitches, OR:
No Sleep 'Til ConCORD
By John F. Manwaring

Suck my ass.

I despise the Democrats in New Hampshire. They voted for John Kerry, a dour, sour, I-might-as-well-be-a-Republican candidate (Who is he kidding?! A five percent tax cut for corporations? Is that of the amount they're supposed to be paying, or the eighteen percent of that amount that they actually DO pay?) as the Democratic nominee. They know full well that they have a strong sway over the rest of the nation as far as advance press for the winner, and accordingly, they have a bit of a greater responsibility in regards to who they each vote for. They aren't always dead on, as demonstrated by John McCain and Paul Tsongas, but more often the not, the winner in New Hampshire wins the nomination. (Tsongas, arguably, would have won the nomination had he not dropped out at the slightest hint of doubt regarding his health; but Bill Clinton was nominated and won the general election, so I bear no resentment.)

Anyhow, all this seemingly incoherent rammbling stems from bitterness over Wes Clark not becoming the nominee. In my eyes he seemed the most viable candidate; His military experience and achievements are unmatched by any other, a presidential attribute certain to be more important in this election than in any other before; his residency in the South would more than likely ensure the electoral votes of at least some Southern states (Yes, it is possible to win an election without carrying a single Southern state, but as no Democrat has taken the White House with at least five of them... well, it's not a precendent I would toy with); He could position himself as a Washington outsider but political insider - he understands the conventions and practices common to the political process, but can view them as an objective observer and identify the flaws with a clarity and ease that one loses with excess immersion in the process; more than all this, though, is simply the man's character, his demeanor. He is irresistably positive and optimistic, is outwardly friendly and approachable, yet has an air of authority about him. Imagine the 1992 iteration of Bill Clinton. Subtract the sex scandals, add twenty years of age and forty of milotary experience, and you have Wesley K. Clark

The voters of New Hampshire aren't entirely to blame; Wes Clark should have stayed in the race longer than he did. Oh well. Maybe he'll be picked as the Vice Presidential nominee. Or should Kerry win, perhaps as Secretary of State of Defense. Yeah. So that's that.

My knee still hurts. Damn tendonitis.

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